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Natural Medicine Services at Cleanse

Here at Cleanse, we talk a lot about whole body health and optimal health. In addition to our live blood analysis, we offer a range of natural medicine services designed to help you achieve and keep your optimal health for life, because true health isn’t a prescription, a shake, or a bootcamp—it’s a lifestyle.

Live Blood

Live blood analysis is just that—analyzing blood cells that are alive. Your blood, which delivers nutrients and removes waste, is an incredible window into your health. Unlike traditional lab testing, live blood analysis views your pure blood as it behaves in your body without added stabilizers or chemicals. (Initial appointment $120. Follow up appointment $90)


Discover how fun and easy it is to prepare delicious, nutritious meals your friends and family will love. With insider cooking tips and scrumptious recipes, you’ll have all the tools you need to create tasty, healthy meals on a budget.
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The root cause of depression can be an underlying nutritional deficiency. Following the renowned Depression Recovery Program of Dr. Neil Nedley, our wellness experts help you improve your outlook by uncovering imbalances in your blood and guiding you towards lifestyle changes.
For long-lasting treatment tailored to the specific causes of your depression rather than just another prescription, inquire about the Depression Recovery program at Cleanse Wellness.

Store Tours

That old saying ‘You are what you eat’ is true. On your private grocery store tour, we’ll show you which foods could be dragging you down, and which ones will help give you the boost you need to feel energetic, happy and sprinting towards optimal health for life.
We’ll also show you how to understand labels and save money on your grocery bill so you can enjoy eating the good stuff for less.


Experience deep healing and relaxation with a technique that combines the ancient Tibetan form of foot reflexology and the Raindrop Technique® of dripping therapeutic grade essential oils along the spine like raindrops.
Raindrop Technique® uplifts the mind and body as well as releases tension, congestion, lymphatic fluids and imbalances. ($120)


Nutritional coaching has been proven to be the most effective way to achieve lasting, health-building results. We want our clients to truly have not only an understanding, but also an appreciation for what actually goes into living a healthy lifestyle.
Cleanse Wellness will help you to make healthy, realistic changes over a period of time. We provide ongoing support and guidance as you set goals and make sustainable changes that can deeply improve your health and happiness. ($60/hour)

Interested in achieving whole body health for life with some of the natural medicine services at Cleanse? Contact us.

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