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Cleanse Wellness helps you discover your path to optimal health with live blood analysis, nutritional coaching, cooking classes, grocery store tours, raindrop massage, and a supplements store.

Jonathan and Rachael Ganson founded Cleanse Wellness to give people answers and guidance about their health so they can enjoy life and help keep disease at bay.

Cleanse Wellness empowers you to understand what’s really happening in your body so you can get to the root cause of your illness. Rather than diagnosing, our live blood analysis and other services give you extra insight and tools to use in addition to the support you get from your team of health care professionals.

About our founders and live blood analysts

Jonathan and Rachael Ganson are certified live blood analysts who spent seven months training with sought-after live blood analyst Floyd Brown at Joy in Health & Nutrition in Red Deer, Alberta.

There, they observed first-hand how live blood analysis can change people’s lives by uncovering what’s truly happening inside the body and restoring balance through lifestyle and dietary changes.

They saw cancer patients prolong and enjoy a better quality of life; they saw boys and girls diagnosed with attention deficit disorder become the calm and cooperative children of grateful parents.

Jonathan and Rachael use their expertise to help you understand the behaviour of your blood cells and to provide a natural, individualized plan so you can enjoy a healthy life.

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