What is
live blood analysis?

Live blood analysis is just that—analyzing blood cells that are alive. Your blood, which delivers nutrients and removes waste, is an incredible window into your health.

We now know that disease can appear as stress in blood cells long before your body shows outward signs, which is why Europe has been using live blood analysis to help detect causes of health conditions for more than 50 years.

Also known as live blood microscopy, live blood analysis uses a powerful microscope that magnifies your blood up to 1,000 times. The video camera attached to the microscope displays your blood cells, plasma and the other particles in your blood on a wall-size screen so we can see your cells as they behave in your body for a clear and comprehensive picture of your health.

When you know what’s at the root cause of a condition, you can choose the tools to help you restore your health for the long haul.

How is live blood analysis different from traditional lab blood tests?

We can detects signs of problems early on
Unlike traditional lab testing, live blood analysis views your pure blood as it behaves in your body without added stabilizers or chemicals.

Because we’re viewing your blood alive and along with all the other particles in your blood—bacteria, mould, parasites and fungi—we have the added advantage of being able to detect signs of conditions early on.

We scan for a wide range possible conditions and root causes

Traditional lab tests also often check only for one or a few conditions; a myriad of other tests aren’t done, leaving health issues to go undetected.

Live blood analysis eliminates the guesswork. At Cleanse Wellness, we use both dry and wet (live) blood analysis to thoroughly analyze your blood and spot a wide range of indicators for potential issues and the underlying nutritional deficiencies that might otherwise go unnoticed.

Who is live blood analysis for?

Live blood analysis is for everyone, even people who feel fine and simply want to preserve their health.

30’s and 40’s

Do you wake up feeling sluggish? At night you’re exhausted but you can’t sleep. Low libido. Unexplained back pain. Foggy brain. Lost zest for life. This isn’t just getting older, but it’s probably gone on long enough that it feels normal. These symptoms—a general unwell feeling— could be the result of your body not getting the nutrients it needs, or an out of balance organ or gland. Get the insight and tools you need to reclaim your energy and mental clarity, naturally.

Fifties and beyond

When you’ve got your health, you’ve got everything.

With a clear picture of what’s happening in your body at the cellular level, you’ll have the tools you need to help preserve your health and keep the complications of aging diseases at bay.

People with degenerative illnesses

So many health conditions can be linked to lifestyle and what we eat and drink. Fortunately, once you know what’s at the root cause of your imbalance, you can give your body the nutrients it needs to heal.

When you haven’t been able to get answers or relief from western medicine, live blood analysis gives you hope and choices.


There is more than one solution to allergies and behavioural issues. If you want to get to the root cause of your child’s health problems, live blood analysis can give insight and simple, natural solutions. These years are precious, and childhood should be fun.

Looking for More Information?

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