What is
live blood analysis?

Unlike any other test, live blood analysis shows a clear and comprehensive picture of what’s really happening inside your body.

Live blood cell microscopy magnifies your wet blood up to 1,000 times on a wall-size screen so we can see your cells as they behave in your body. The shape, hue and movement of your blood cells—as well as the presence of particles such as bacteria, plaque, parasites, fungus and yeast—can help uncover the root cause of your illness.

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Why have
live blood analysis done?

Because when you give your blood the nutrients it needs, your body can heal itself and even reverse disease.

Because disease can appear in the blood long before it shows outward signs in your body.

Because you deserve the answers and tools you need to preserve or restore your health naturally.

Your Path to Wellness Starts with Live Blood Analysis

  • Assessing your health

    During your one-hour appointment, you’ll see first-hand the vitality, shape and movement of your blood cells as our certified live blood analysts explain how some of those clues can be indicators of conditions and missing nutrients.

  • Creating your health plan

    Now that we know which missing nutrients your body needs to help restore or preserve your health, we create an individualized plan with suggestions about supplements, nutrition and lifestyle changes you can use to target your unique symptoms.

  • Maintaining your health

    Once you’ve achieved optimal health, preserve with long-term lifestyle changes, nutritional coaching as well as follow-up appointments and short-term supplement use, you’ve got all the tools you need to feel your best and enjoy life.

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Cleanse Wellness

Cleanse Wellness helps people discover their path to optimal health with live blood analysis, nutritional coaching, cooking classes, grocery store tours, a supplements store and other wellness services.

Jonathan and Rachael Ganson founded Cleanse Wellness in Armstrong BC to give people answers and guidance about their health so they can enjoy life and help keep disease at bay. Serving clients from across the Interior, including Kelowna, Kamloops and Vernon.
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